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Welcome to Pro Film Archiving

We offer a range of the highest quality digital archiving services on the market. To achieve this, we employ only the best technology for our document imaging, photograph scanning, negative scanning and slide scanning services. Through our top quality processing we are able to provide true image restoration for your photographs, slides and negatives. In addition, our high-end document scanners provide the most reliable and convenient scanning solutions for both large and small businesses. Whatever your digital archiving needs may be, our professional team is dedicated to providing courteous, high quality service to meet those needs.

We are located in Walnut Creek California of the San Francisco Bay Area.



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Our Vision: Archival Preservation

As photography has evolved from print to digital images, we recognize the abundance of non-digital images left behind in photographs, slides and negatives. It is our belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to convert photos and negatives to digital files through quality scanning. Families wishing to preserve their treasured photograph and negative collections now have a high-end means to do so. At the same time professional and amateur photographers alike have found an affordable place to have their film processed. Whether you are looking for a way to preserve fond memories for loved ones, bring to life your professional works of art, or simply appreciate the advantage of high quality images, we are here to assist you in bringing out their utmost beauty.

Only the best equipment and supervision go into achieving this end. Our entire team at Pro Film Archiving treats every picture with the care and dedication they deserve; we treat your photographs, slides and negatives as if they belonged to a member of our family. This direct skill and attention to detail form the foundation for every service we provide. We hope you enjoy your stay at our website, and thank you for taking the time with us to share our thoughts on quality preservation.


  • Document Scanning

    True OCR quality document imaging, with sequencing and integration into your current or upcoming Document Management Software. more

  • Virtual Drum Scanning

    Hasselblad Flextight X5 Imaging for your photographs, slides and transparencies. more

  • Flatbed Scanning

    Traditional scanning done right. Every scan preset at quality levels. more

  • Restoration Services

    Color correction, blemish removal and enhancement for photographs, negatives, slides and documents. more

  • Consulting

    From Document Management Strategies and Integration, to Server based Setup and Support, we are available to help our clients get the most out of their future needs. more

  • PDF Management

    Whether your needs are OCRing, javascripting or some other form of PDF manipulation, we are pleased to help you achieve your objectives. more

  • New Services

    We encourage interested parties to contact us for more information on any archiving services not listed. As chances are we can help you find the right place. more